Enable Remote Assistance

When you create a support ticket with the Support Team, you might be asked to enable the Remote Assistance service in order for us to better diagnose the problem. To do so, please follow the following instructions:
Enable for Peplink Balance, MAX, FusionHub, and Surf SOHO
Devices using Firmware 6.0 or above
Login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator. By default, it is set as: (Balance) (MAX and Surf SOHO)
Click the “Turn on” link under “System Information”,  as specified by the following screenshot:
Devices using Firmware 5.4 or below
Login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator and type the following on your web browser, replacing the “IP of your device” field with your device’s web admin access IP address. By default, it is set as
http://”IP of your device”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi
please navigate to “Support”, then “Support Information”, and click the button near “Remote Assistance Status”, as indicated by the following screenshot:
Remark: If you have a firewall in front of the device, you will need to make sure that it allows access to ra.peplink.com through TCP port 443.

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